Alvin and the Chipmunks website 


Alvin, the devious one. A is Alvin, who plays with her two best buds Simon and Theodore. Alvin likes to play tricks on Dave, while Simon and Theodore help. Alvin is the Love Doctore, and Theodore is he's nurse, that's why Alvin has a cute girlfriend named Brittney.  


Simon the smart but cowardly, nervous one. Simon is played by B.He does have a girlfriend same as Alvin and Theodore, his girlfriend's name is Symone. Simon read's lots of books, and can be foolish and gullible, but plays a big part with Alvin and Theodore.


Theodore the cute, chubby, hungry one. Theodore is played by E. As in the picture you can see he loves food. Theodore is the "sidekick" to Alvin and he's just fine with that. He makes the cutness in Alvin and the Chipmunks.


Dave the annoyed one. Dave loves these cute little creatures, but they can get on his nerves most of the time. When he first met them he was freaked out and said, "CHIPMUNKS CAN'T TALK!" and then Alvin said, "Well, our lips are moving and words are coming out." And ever since he thought they might save his song writing career.